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Counselling services are very critical to the academic progress of any student and then which course to choose at which University or College overseas can be a very stressful both for student and the parents. It means investment of money and time which eventually must pave a productive career path for the individual.

Read Abroad equips budding students with necessary training and guidance to help them get enrolled with some of the best Colleges & Universities to fulfill their academic dreams to get the appropriate skills and knowledge, enabling them to be leaders and influencers in every sphere of their life.

We make the admission and visa process simple for you with our years of expertise in this area. Investment is overseas education is the biggest gift parents can give to their children as we are preparing them for the global industry and later they can be employees or employers themselves with their international exposure. Education and training is the core for every successful person and which can be better platform to live independently in an overseas destination and getting high standard of education and simultaneously building multicultural network .

I wish to thank all the parents who had faith and trust in us to guide their children and we all are a big Read Abroad Family.
Use your time effectively & put your efforts sincerely.

Counselling with passion,
Vandana Mehra.

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