Passion over Prestige


Choosing Careers

We always tend to ask children what they want to become when they are adults. Often, the acceptable response to this question is a profession that has great ‘prestige’ and ‘status’ in our society. Although parents and family members feel elated by the child’s response to take on a profession that enjoys great prestige, it is not an effective method to determine the choice of career for an individual. It could potentially lead to a mismatch between the child’s capabilities, interests and the career they choose. Instead of asking what they want to become when they are adults, we should ask what it is that want to do and what brings them joy.

Dignity of work is more important than your status in society.

The response to these questions allows us to determine a career that will fulfil the child and allow them to excel in their field. For instance, Tara was asked by her grandmother what she would like to do. Tara responded that she would like to cook food for all. Using this as a cue, a pathway can be forged for Tara and after a few years of training in culinary arts, Tara would have a successful and fulfilling career in the hospitality sector. Similarly, Mohan enjoys helping his mother clean and organise the house. He is particularly interested in finding utility out of waste that his household generates. Potentially, Mohan’s interest can be guided in a manner to forge a successful career in waste management, which is an upcoming field with promising prospects.

Most often career choices are made based on the prestige that the careers enjoy or the economic remuneration they bring. However, it is important to remember that our society needs all kinds of professions to be filled by persons who are passionate to carry out those roles. Therefore, it is important to choose a career based on your interest rather than the status that the career enjoys. It does not matter whether you become a carpenter or an interior designer; a nurse or a doctor; a mechanic or an enginee. All that matters is that you choose a career that interests you and one that you are passionate about.

Work must never be a burden but must always be a pleasure.

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